Medimix Soaps

Medimix Soaps
Medimix Soaps
Product Description


18 - Herb Ayurvedic Formula.

nourishes and protects your skin every day. The unique formula has been enhanced to make the soap Last Longer and to keep your family naturaly healthy all- year round..

The unique formulation of MEDIMIX is clinically proven to provide effective protection against pimples, body odour, prickly heat, boils and other skin infections..

Ingreients :

  • CHITRAKA         -375.00 mg
  • VANARDRAKA  - 180.00 mg
  • SARIBA             - 20.00 mg
  • CHOPCHINI     - 10.00 mg
  • NIMBA TWAK   - 6.66 mg
  • DHARU HARIDRA   - 3.33 mg
  • VACHA     - 3.33 mg
  • USHEERAM    - 3.33 mg
  • DHANYAKA  - 3.33 mg

In Soapbase made from Coconut Oil, Natural Oils, Perfume and Approved Colour.

Natural Herbal Formulations Tend to change Colour over Time, However, The Product Efficacy Remains Unchanged.

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